Who’s James Corden’s wife? All about Julia Carey?

Who’s James Corden's wife? All about Julia Carey.

According to ProSaaS Reviews, James Corden and Julia Carey were met through a familiar friend and the famous actor Dominic Cooper. Corden and Carey met in 2009 while hosting the show ‘The Late Late’. Later, they married in 2012 and were the proud parents of three adorable children named Max, Carey, and Charlotte. These both are hopelessly in love and have been a sight to watch. According to various recordings, it is seen that Carden has named Carey as Jules which is also her pet name. However, Carey has often attended events, awards, and royal weddings with Carden. They click pictures together, but the couple never discloses their personal life. 

Later in April #022, Carey decided to officially say goodbye to the Late Late Show. However, the reason behind the departure is that they want to focus on their children as they are growing up and, as parents, be freer while making decisions. 

Corden made headlines in 2022 due to his actions and was banned from the N. Y. C Restaurant Balthazar. It was reported that the actor was furious and kept shouting at the server when they got their order of salad and egg yolk omelet wrong twice. Later, Corden clarified the dispute that even after explaining Carley’s allergies, they made the same mistake, which could harm her health. 

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How did James Corden and Julia Carey meet?

Cooper, a great friend and long-time roommate of Corden, has been the main root behind the introduction of Carley and Corden. In 2009, Carey organized an event regarding child safety, and Cooper then asked Corden about his presence, which he gladly did. Later, after the introduction, both talked for some time with Carley and became interested immediately. He even complimented her, which later became an excellent sign of friendship. Both become equally interested from the start only. 

Carden and Carley clicked the moment they talked with each other. They started talking about the exact night and started talking about their future together. It seems a joke to some, but they did fall in love at first sight. They were talking and jokingly decided to talk about their future, which later turned into reality. Later, the couple decided to go on a date or plan an outing, which seemed like a great idea for them. 

Bond between James Corden and Julia Carey:

Bond between James Corden and Julia Carey:

The couple are inside people and prefer staying home instead of going out for days. The company of each other is all they need to call. In his interview, he even talked about their busy schedule, which leads to excessive outings and drinking, which is why they want to stay at home and enjoy each other’s company. They prefer never to go on dates as that is considered a waste of time instead, and they prefer home dates with coziness. The couple started dating right after meeting at the event, and though they planned various dates, they were still reluctant to spend a future together. They decided everything right, from the children to pets to smooches. 

Corden has won a Tony Award and even hosted it for once. In 2012, he was nominated for the best performance for the leading actor. However, he won this award for his character in One Man, Two Guvnors. While receiving the award, he thanked Carey, and both teared up due to the special moment. He talked about how she supported him during the tough times, and when he feels tired, she is his strength. 

James Corden and Julia Carey marriage:

In December 2010, Carden proposed to Carey. The news came to light, and people congratulated them with their wishes. Later, he thanked all his fans with a kind message. However, after that, the couple got married in 2012. The wedding occurred at Babington House in Somerset, England. The wedding was beautifully organized and worth remembering. While every eye was on the beautiful couple, Matt Smith’s drunken behavior led to a slight inconvenience. 

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James Corden and Julia Carey children

The couple have three children together. They have the eldest son named Max McCartney Kimberly Corden. He was born in 2012, and his middle name was specially kept in remembrance of Paul McCartney, and his other middle name, Kimberly, was named after his father. Later, their middle child, or the daughter – Carey, was born in 2014 in the United States and was 5 days old when Carey started hosting the Late Late Show. Carey shares the name of their mother. 

Later in December 2017, the couple again welcomed the girl child and named her Charlotte. Corden was hosting the show at the time of her birth, and suddenly, the hosts were replaced due to Corden’s sudden departure.

Julia moved to Los Angeles with Corden and their kids:

The couple decided to move from London to Los Angeles when their daughter was five weeks old and their son was 3 years old. The shifting was hectic and considered to be a massive thing for him. Later, in 2023, he decided to move out from the show and even told his fans that he and his family were not sure about coming back to the place again. However, after some time, Corden returned to England for his show ‘Last Carpool Karaoke Segments.’

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Who’s James Corden’s wife? All about Julia Carey?

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