PPSPY: Explore the Pros, Cons PPSPY Reviews and Alternatives

PPSPY Review: What is PPSPY? Feature, Pros & Cons

According to Prosaas Reviews, PPSPY is an AI-based commerce tool that helps users provide brief insight regarding products on various online shopping platforms. It is an excellent platform for people like drop shippers and various e-commercial businesses and provides a detailed description of various best-selling online stores and their products. The best part is that the application provides services like viewing sales reports, tracking live sales,  downloading images from the website without any limit, etc. It is a great platform when it comes to store analysis and shoplifting spies. 

It is an accessible and excellent drop-shipping tool that quickly analyses the products that came into Shopify drop shipping in the winner category so that the customer can grab the deal as soon as it is visible. This platform provides insight through which we can look after the store placement ads and get the best products. Moreover, customers can even find the best stores and products that are full of competition, along with benefits like actual time sales, tracking activity, and the exportation of unlimited products. This article will discuss the PPSPY, its features, pros and cons, etc. 

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How does PPSPY work? 

How does PPSPY work? 

PPSPY is a user-friendly platform that helps users find the best products with the help of Shopify sitemap. Later, you can find these products easily and quickly using the URL. However, for easy access, every product has a JSON URL containing all the details regarding the product, whether price changes or stock changes. The best part of PPSPY is that it extracts the best product from your account through scraping or scrawling. There is no specific time to repeat the process, as it can be done anytime and anywhere. 

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Best Features and Benefits of PPSPY in 2024:

PPSPY is an excellent platform for dropshipping. However, a large number of people are engaged with the PPSPY. Moreover, if you plan to step into PPSPY, you should look at its great features. 

Sales tracker

This feature helps customers track their orders and choose from any Shopify site. This way, we can track the best deals in real-time and provide comprehensive insight to choose among the best products and make the best deals and decisions. 

Store analytics

PPSPY helps users find the best products and deals by describing the best products and competitors in the Shopify platform. Users can choose between the best-selling products and the highest competitors and make the best deals and business decisions. 

Traffic research

Users can look after the products and stores in high traffic and even analyze the sources that led to this traffic. Moreover, it provides insight into the market strategies and their channels. 

Product and store research

The PPSPY features store research tools, which help you find the best products and stores. However, whenever there is a great deal on the products, you can look for them. 

Product download and import

PPSPY allows users to download images of the best-selling products with just one click. Moreover, you can download as many photos as you want from here. 

PPSPY Pros and Cons

Everything in our surroundings has strengths and weaknesses. However, it helps people to understand things in a much better way. You can quickly know the PPSPY through the pros and cons given below. 

Pros of PPSPY:

The pros of the PPSPY are:

Free of cost

The best part of PPSPY is that it doesn’t charge anything, as there is no signing fee. Anyone interested in improving the status of their email commercial business can go for this. 

Valuable insight

PPSPY helps the users by providing valuable insight regarding the competition and people’s preferences in the market. In this way, marketers can decide on the product they want to sell. 

User–friendly interface

The PPSPY provides a user-friendly interface so that users can easily access the best store and navigate the app whenever they want. 

Cons of PPSPY:

As we have discussed the pros of the PPSPY, here are some cons. 

Lack of mobile version

The users cannot use PPSPY through mobile phones, which is why many people refuse to use it, resulting in less access and usability. There are large numbers of people who work through mobile phones, and due to this, they are unable to access this platform. 

Limited to Shopify

Another drawback of PPSPY is that it is limited to more than just Shopify stores. However, this reduces the usability because most people engaged in other e-commerce platforms need help to do it. 

No competitor tracking features

Sometimes we want to find out about our competition to make the best decisions, but it doesn’t provide any tool to track the competitor to make good strategies. 

What is the PPSPY Price?

Sale Tracking:10 storesSale Tracking:30 storesSale Tracking:100 storesSale Tracking:350 stores
Shopify Analysis:20000creditsShopify Analysis:50000creditsShopify Analysis:100000creditsShopify Analysis:1000000credits
Reviews(extension):100 dailyReviews(extension):200Reviews(extension):1000Reviews(extension):10000

What is the USP of PPSPY? 

PPSPY is an excellent platform for e-commerce entrepreneurs, drop shippers, and all the users who use the Shopify app for their products. It is a fantastic tool for everyone who wants to have great insight into the e-commercial business and also provides a sense of competition to the people. Moreover, you can learn about the strategies other competitors use so that you can optimize the positions and status of your Shopify store. 

How do we rate and review PPSPY?

Accuracy 4.5
Reliability 3
Ease of use4
Performance 4
Customisation 3.5
Data privacy 4
Customer Support 4
Cost efficiency 3.5


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PPSPY: Explore the Pros, Cons PPSPY Reviews and Alternatives

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