Free TTS : What is free TTS? Alternatives, Pros, Cons, Pricing and Reviews

Free TTS : What is free TTS? Alternatives, Pros, Cons, Pricing and Reviews

What is Free TTS?

According to ProsaasReviews, It is an online service that facilitates the conversion of written text into spoken audio through its powerful text to speech feature. Free TTS (Click Here) is a robust online text to speech service that furnishes superior studios for diverse requirements. The availability of Free TTS’s plan renders it an outstanding choice for casual users and minor projects, the platform with more demanding applications can opt into paid plans to access supplementary features. This platform supports over 69 languages and accents for audio conversion. On this platform, there are not only male and female voices available but also a wide range of collections of voices, Free TTS offers standard, neaural2, and wavelet Google Voice to its users. This platform is very useful for learning language, dubbing subtitles for a video, or proofreading text, and text-to-audio can help you with all of its features. It is also used to provide audio textbooks to students and to help students read and write better and improve concentration. 

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Best features and benefits of Free Text to Speech (TTS)

Best features and benefits of Free Text to Speech (TTS)

Free TTS offers various amazing features to its users. These are the following features of Free Text to Speech:

  1. The platform offers both male and female voices that can be selected at once by its users.
  2. Free TTS can read up to 9x faster than the average reading speed, so users can learn easily and fast. Its reading voices are more fluid and human-like than any other AI reader so users can understand and remember more.
  3. With their free text to speech online converter users can type, paste, or even upload a file and convert it to speech as they want. Then, users can download it as an audio file to use as a voice-over or for any other application. Free TTS also offers a premium subscription to Speechify, which offers HD voices and celebrities’ voices to its users.
  4. This platform allows developers to customize TTS output using Speech Synthesis Markup Language. 
  5. Free TTS offers a conversion process simple and fast, combining Google machine learning and TTS capabilities, so that users can use it effectively. 
  6. These platforms offer email support and text-to-speech API services. If users encounter any issues while using our services, please feel free to contact our support team via email or through our support page. 

Pros and Cons of Free Text to Speech(Free TTS) 

Let’s have a look at pros and cons of Free TTS

Pros of Free Text to Speech (Free TTS):

  1. Free TTS provides an interface that is simple and intuitive. This platform can see a text box.
  2. This platform maintains the data privacy of its users. In this platform, all uploaded audio is deleted within 24 hours.
  3. In this platform, users do not need to register to enter the web page to use it. These platforms are faster and more convenient.
  4. Free TTS apps provide commercial support, and it is friendly to many companies and users with commercial use.
  5. The app is very comfortable for users and offers more than 50 languages and dialects to choose from to meet the diverse needs of users. 
  6. The platform provides ease of interface in the website, it is easy to use, has fast processing, and has high sound quality for its users. This platform is very effective and it increases efficiency and guarantees excellent results to its users. 

Cons of Free Text to Speech( Free TTS):

  1. In this platform web tools need to be web based. Free TTS offers network quality issues that can affect the user’s sense of experience. 

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Who should use it for Free TTS?

Users who want to convert speech to text can use this platform, students can also use this platform as it is very helpful for them to easily read and write. Learners who want to learn new languages can use this. The platform also provides text-to-video features so if anyone wants to convert they can use this easily. It is useful for purposes like dubbing subtitles and proofreading text. 

What is the Free Text to Speech price?

Free Plan $0Monthly Plan $19Year Plan $ 99
10,000 characters per month500,000 characters per month1,000,000 characters per month
5000 characters each conversion5000 characters each conversion5000 characters each conversion
Only standard voices supportedAll advanced voices supportedAll advanced voices supported
Support SSMLSupport SSMLSupport SSML
All languages includedAll languages includedAll languages included

What is the USP of Free TTS?

This platform gives a unique and amazing feature of text-to-speech, users can convert their text into speech. The platform has a unique and wide range of voices available, as well as celebrity voices, users can convert the text into which voice they want. Very helpful for learners and students, also some other creators. 

How we rated and reviewed Free TTS?

Accuracy and Reliability 4.7/5 
Ease of use 4.8/5
Features 4.8/5
Performance 4.6/5
Customization 4.4/5
Data privacy 4.5/5 
Customer supports 4.6/5 
Cost efficiency 4.8/5 


Q1. What is Free TTS?

Ans: Free TTS also stands for text to speech which is a part of the Java programming language. It provides an end-of-speech chaser and it is a free online software. You can use free TTS by just entering your text, then clicking on one of the voices and then downloading an mp3 and listening to the outcomes that you had downloaded.

Q2. What is Text to Speech used for?

Ans: TTS which is also known as text-to-speech is a type of helping tool that reads digital texts in a high pitch voice. TTS captures the words from your digital device and changes them into audio. It can also be beneficial for those people who have visual problems.

Q3. What can be the disadvantages of free TTS?

Ans: Text to speech TTS has some disadvantages, like the quality of the speech could be better, and depending on the audio or text, it can show incorrect words or voice reading, or a confusing speech.


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Free TTS : What is free TTS? Alternatives, Pros, Cons, Pricing and Reviews

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