Oxolo AI : Reviews, Alternatives, Pros, Cons and Pricing 2024

Oxolo AI Review:Read Features, Pros, Cons and Pricing

What is Oxolo AI?

According to Prosaas Reviews, Oxolo AI is an innovative app that uses the technology known as artificial intelligence (AI), which corresponds to a brilliant computer brain, to develop outstanding videos that benefit individuals who offer services online. It’s meant mainly for individuals who run e-commerce businesses and seek amazing clips demonstrating their sales. With Oxolo, you are not required to be a video specialist or dedicate hours working things out. It provides all the laborious work for you!

Here’s how Oxolo functions: Initially, it creates a plan known as the video script. After that, it locates actors and adds voices, music, and visuals. It functions quickly, almost magically! Hence, Oxolo can complete a video in a matter of minutes as opposed to taking a long time to make. It also indicates that sellers won’t encounter any difficulties in producing outstanding videos for their customers. It seems like your computer can create videos like a wizard! 

Best Features and Benefits of Oxolo AI Tool:

With Oxolo AI, you can make videos for social media and online stores. Lets look at the key features of Oxolo AI below-

  • Creating movies with web links: In Oxolo when you paste the pictures then it creates a movie along with the web link by adding actors,  voices, music, and images.
  • Storytelling: Oxolo creates a story with voices on your behalf. 
  • Simple editing: Oxolo’s AI have a simple editing features which helps to make video in a easy manner. 
  • Designed for your audience: According to the audience you have ,Oxolo  creates video, which resolves any issues. 
  • Gaining knowledge from previous videos: Oxolo’s takes into account about the previous videos and makes upcoming video accordingly. 
  • Checks Performance: Oxolo gives the information  about the video performance by giving statistical number of views and usage patterns. 

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What are the pros of Oxolo AI?

Here are the pros of Oxolo AI:

  • Makes Videos Quickly: Oxolo helps make videos for online shops fast. You need to give it the website link of the product.
  • Smart AI Magic: Oxolo’s special AI makes scripts, picks actors, and adds voices, music, and pictures showing what’s great about the product.
  • Easy to Change: With Oxolo, you can easily change things in your videos. You can switch voices, actors, music, story, and pictures.
  • Helps Online Shops Grow: Oxolo makes videos about products that excite people. This allows online shops to get more people to visit their sites, rank higher in search engines, and make more money.

What are the cons of Oxolo AI?

Here are the Cons of Oxolo:

  • Sometimes, Oxolo might need help to understand all the little things about a product that needs explaining or showing. Like, if a toy has excellent features, Oxolo might miss explaining them.
  • Oxolo needs products with lots of information in online shops. If a product isn’t there or has little info, Oxolo can’t make a video. So, if you’re selling something special, Oxolo might not work for you.
  • Since Oxolo uses AI, it might make videos like those made by others. So, the videos might only sometimes be super unique or special. It’s like if you and your friend draw the same picture—it’s not one-of-a-kind anymore.

Who Should Use it?

Oxolo AI is like a helpful friend for people who sell stuff online. If you have an online shop and want to show off your products with cool videos, Oxolo is your go-to buddy! It doesn’t matter if your shop is big or small. Oxolo can help you make videos that make your products look amazing.

Imagine you have a toy store online. You want to make a video to show how fun your toys are. Instead of spending hours figuring out how to make the video, Oxolo does it super fast! It writes the story, finds people to act, and adds voices, music, and pictures, all in just a few minutes.

So, if you want more people to buy your toys or whatever you’re selling, Oxolo is the way to go. It’s like having a magic tool that makes your online shop look awesome!

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What is the Oxolo AI Price in 2024?

Price$0$49.99/month$399.00/monthLet´s talk
TemplatesAccess 10 templatesAccess 20 templatesAccess 25 templatesAccess 25 templates
Languages50 languages available50 languages available50 languages available50 languages available
ScenesUp to 3 video scenesUp to 8 video scenesUp to 10 video scenesUp to 10 video scenes
Actors5 actors available10 actors available16 actors available16 actors available
Stock images
Video player
Logo branding
Color branding
Watermark free
Analytical tools
Upload own media
Voice Dictionary
Commercial licenes
Priority customer support

What is the USP of Oxolo AI Tool?

Oxolo AI helps online markets to spread their business wide smoothly. Oxolo AI uses smart technology to write and choose the story and music. Sellers can also customize the business strategy according to their preferences. Oxolo AI helps people to make videos which brings engagement to the product and helps in selling more. You can use Oxolo AI to grow your online shop.

How we rated and reviewed Oxolo AI?

Let’s look at the rating of Oxolo AI:



Q1. What is Oxolo AI?

Ans: Oxolo is an artificial intelligence tool created to make professional videos for products to show on e-commerce stores, social media pages, and Websites. It provides you with an effortless video-making process and you can make and launch your videos, voice-overs, script, music, and imagery.

Q2. What problem does Oxolo AI solve?

Ans: Oxolo can solve problems like Rejecting the requirement for equipment, actors, sets, and time taking processes. With the help of Oxolo, you will receive high-quality videos in a fixed time which can be a minute also. It will not take weeks or months to receive videos.

Q3. Who should use Oxolo?

Ans: Oxolo is made for businesses like e-commerce of all sizes and organizations. If you are looking forward to growing SEO posts, driving sales, and increasing engagement. Then Oxolo is the right tool for you.


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Oxolo AI : Reviews, Alternatives, Pros, Cons and Pricing 2024

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