Proxiyum: Web Proxy Service A Comprehensive Guide

Proxiyum: Web Proxy Service Comprehensive Guide

Programmers and scammers freely walk the search engines in this digital world. Techies get affected by these hackers and experience intrusion of privacy. No doubt cyber crimes are at their peak across the cyber world. 

“According to Business Standard Global cyber attacks are still on the rise in 2024, with 1,308 cyberattacks per organization per week on average in the first quarter of 2024. This represents 28% more than the previous quarter and is 5% higher than last year.” 

A higher number leads to higher costs for cyber attacks. To safeguard sensitive data and privacy from these hackers, you can use Proxiyum as a cushion to protect your online activities. It works as an intermediary between your device and the internet and hides SSL encryption and IP addresses. Currently, end-users can search, watch, or learn about anything they want with no fuss. Beyond a VPN it gives access to online gaming content. It gives the inclusive advantage of keeping up with client security and security online. Without advance ado, let’s decode this theory. 

Proxiyum was launched in 2020 and acts as a gateway between a device and the internet. It hides sensitive information like IP addresses and SSL encryption that might reveal who you are to others when using certain services on the internet. The proxy also permits access to any geo-restricted content. In other words, Proxiyum ensures your internet activities are safe by passing all your web traffic through its servers. It also contains a flexible system that can be tailored to the demands of every business, a small one or a large one.

Robust Qualities of Proxiyum

Some vital highlights of Proxiyum are as follows:

  1. Privacy and Security: Protecting the user identity-cum-location including IP address helps in enhancing security. Furthermore, it converts harmful materials for customer consumption. Apart from that, restricts malicious websites that may invade individual privacy. Again, it hinders follow-up activities on the web visited by the user. Security against online fraudsters and hackers is also important. Last but not least, it secures data along with other important personal details.
  2. Access to all substance sorts: The material is accessible and obstruction is avoided via accessibility. proxy helps you when you require accessing any blocked material in your area. Doing away with everything that may hinder your leisure is referred to as accessibility.
  3. SSL Encryption: SSL encryption ensures that your identity is safeguarded and helps defend you from an attacker launching on the intermediary thereby improving security. An important tool that enhances security and protection as well as the quality and performance of content, reducing latency and load times.
  4. Unlimited downloads: The clients can use the medium to download any kind of stuff. They find stuff that is out. At the moment, the content can’t be seen by the clients but rather downloaded by them. When there is no internet connection they can download it via the medium.

Amazing Feature and Benefits of Proxiyum in 2024

There are numerous benefits this intermediary gives, such as:

  1. An intermediary acts as a divider between Clients and the Web: Programmers can abuse information if a client is not utilizing an intermediary and is attempting to get to hazardous substances. Intermediary servers secure the user’s touchy substance and authorize clients to get to any source they want.
  2. It gives access to all substances around the world: Counting substances prohibited in the locale clients need to get to. So, the intermediary acts as a VPN, making the substance available to its users.
  3. Proxy permits clients to download substances and cache them: Putting away substances is superior to utilizing an intermediary, as clients can utilize it at whatever point they need without disturbance.
  4. It has a user-friendly interface: The intermediary is simple to explore, so clients can effortlessly utilize it. 
  5. Benefits and choice: Browsing the benefits and setting up choices suited to their needs is exceptionally easy.

How to Use Proxiyum and A Comprehensive Guide?

How to Use Proxiyum and A Comprehensive Guide?
How to Use Proxiyum and A Comprehensive Guide?

Here are the steps to utilize Proxiyum, reworded for clarity:

  1. Visit the Proxiyum website.
  2. In the given box, sort the site URL you need to access.
  3. Select a server from the list of accessible servers, or let Proxiyum naturally choose.
  4. You can alter the server anytime by clicking “Change Server.”
  5. Click the “Go” button, and Proxiyum will interface you to the web page.
  6. Use the “Options” button to alter your intermediary settings, such as encryption.

What is the Pros and Cons of Proxiyum?

There are some pros and cons of this proxy are as follows:

1User-friendly interface easily accessible.Legal restrictionsand ethical concerns.
2Prioritizes privacy data security.Providers can track your browsing behavior.
3Provides access to all types of content.Limited functionalities.
4Users can download the content anytime.Can respond slowly.
5Free to use.Can provide excess ads on the platform.

OkeyProxy: The Best Alternative

According to Prosaas Reviews. For people who desire a proficient and strong proxy service, OkeyProxy is highly advised. It is among the best SOCKS5 proxy services because it has an excess of one hundred and fifty million genuine residential IPs as well as IP selection from more than two hundred countries. Additionally, there is a proxy FREE TRIAL for beginners. In short, Proxyium may be suitable for not demanding situations while OkeyProxy offers more complete protection for those with more sophisticated security requirements.


Use Proxyium to know your favorite stuff. A source that hides your identity guaranteeing safety. What is more, it gives access to all kinds of things, even if it’s inaccessible in your area. If you need to know about something but then because of geographical restrictions, you can’t access the information for further study then your very own proxy is here. You can use the proxy so that you can access all the material.

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Q. Is proxyium safe?

Numerous businesses prefer the benefit because it ensures the highest level of security and is hardly detectable.

Q. How to distinguish intermediary servers in the network?

  1. Right-click on the Begin button and press Control Panel.
  2. Click Organize and Internet.
  3. Select Web Options.
  4. In the Web Choices window, go to the Associations tab and press the LAN Settings button.
  5. If “Utilize an intermediary server for your LAN” is not checked, it implies that you do not utilize an intermediary server.

Q. How to make beyond any doubt an intermediary server working?

Select the Begin button, and at that point select Settings > Organize & Web > Intermediary. Below the Manual intermediary setup, turn on Utilize an intermediary server.

Q. How do I know if the proxy is installed?

Click on Start and open the Control Panel. Then click on Internet Options. In the Internet Options, go to Connections > LAN settings. 


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Proxiyum: Web Proxy Service A Comprehensive Guide

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